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Canaries in a Blue Coal Mine Sept. 9 - Oct. 7


Art inspired by nature has always celebrated a vision that by definition is fleeting, but as biodiversity vanishes at an unprecedented rate from above and below the water line, art that describes it takes on a new kind of political urgency. Much of the marine life that serves as subject matter for my sculpture is now threatened by ocean acidification caused by CO2 absorption, part of the larger issue of Climate Change.  Unique among the many pressing challenges we face, Climate Change will absolutely and unequivocally affect all of us. Specific examples within the greater picture can help us to understand a very complicated phenomenon, and this is where art and science together have an opportunity to engage and inform more effectively than either might be able to on their own. Canaries in a Blue Coal Mine’s dialogue between art and science will, I hope, give you pause for thought and a slightly better understanding of ocean acidification and how it will effect some of these extraordinary creatures with whom we share the planet.


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